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We are now closed for the winter. See you in the spring!!

(518) 828-7254

We are located at:
253 Warren Street Hudson, New York (just below 3rd Street)

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It all started with a space that was just 10’ wide.

We looked at each other and tried to think of what would fit into such a small shop (newspaper stand? shoe repair?). I mean, if you spread out your arms and stretched, you could almost touch both walls at the same time. Hudson is a small place and there are a lot of services we don’t have within walking distance (green grocer? drop off for dry cleaning?). Taking into consideration the established businesses in town (antiques, art, and a surprising abundance of hair salons), we wanted to find something that Hudson would support because renting videos was so 1980’s. Then it hit us. Ice cream! Did we have any experience in the food business? NO! Did we want to be surrogate parents to a gaggle of teenage employees? NO! Did we want to be sucked into the vortex of a business that ran non-stop for 135 days every year? NO! But none of that mattered. Ice cream it will be and there’s nothing funnier than seeing someone smile with fudge stuck between their teeth.

The next step was to find a producer who made ice cream locally in small artisanal batches with the most authentic of ingredients. Easy, right? In this case: yes. Jane’s is the brainchild of two sisters and a husband that has been in business for 32 years and running. We love Jane’s. They make the strawberry ice cream taste like June, it’s that real. They approach ice cream from a culinary perspective and aren’t afraid to push the limits with edgy flavors like beet or Thai coconut peanut. Hudson is such a foodie town that even the crazy flavors fly out the door.

We opened the summer of 2008. That seems so long ago and we have learned so much along the way. We humbly avow our success to the loyalty of our customers. You are wonderful -- thank you one and all. We know the ice cream is important, of course, but it’s more than that. Ice cream makes you happy. Ice cream can be social and it can be a solitary indulgence. It can be spontaneous or orchestrated; it tastes delicious both ways. Ice cream is a reward and heals (almost) all wounds. Dogs adore it, kids scream for it, even nuns like it. Our goal is to give you more than just a frozen treat. We want it to be a fun, silly, indulgent, make-you-feel-good, delicious, personal experience each and every time you drop in.

Ice cream is all about you, but only in the moment. Take a step back and you’ll see that eating ice cream also supports community. This means a handful of local teenagers have jobs (!!) and while enjoying a treat on our benches, you can spontaneously connect with that neighbor you haven't seen in ages and your conversations could possibly discover the answer to world peace.

The LICK space is only 10’ wide but we smirk about how something so little has turned into so much.